‘Why didn’t Washington Sundar come’, DK lashed out at KL Rahul for dropping catches and poor fielding

Indian team is facing a lot of criticism because of their poor fielding in the last match against Bangladesh where they lost the opening ODI by just 1 wicket that defeat was not acceptable as India was once looking solid to win.

KL Rahul dropped the catch of Mehdy Hassan when he was at 15 runs and Bangladesh was 9 wickets down. If KL Rahul had taken that catch then they would have won the match but that drop catch of Rahul cost India the match.

Dinesh Karthik has his say on the fielding of the Indian side:

He said that “It is obvious that in the end, KL Rahul’s dropping the catch and Sundar’s absence. Don’t know why he didn’t come. I don’t know whether it all happened due to bad light or something else but if he had seen the ball then had should have gone for the catch.

He further talked about the fielding of the Indian side in the whole match and said that” It is only a question that only he can answer. The effort of the Indian team remained 50-50 in overall fielding. If not the best, then it was not a bad day either. I think that team gave extra runs due to pressure in the end.

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Karthik is rested after T20 World Cup

He was an important part of the team in the T20 World as he was the finisher of the side but he missed the last 2 matches due to injury and he is not in the squad. It’s not clear whether he is out because of injury or he is dropped.

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