If the final match of World Cup is Cancelled even on the Reserve Day, then ICC will declare this team the champion

Team India has become the first finalist of the World Cup 2023 by defeating New Zealand by 70 runs. Who will be the second finalist of this tournament? This will be known from the South Africa vs Australia match to be held today i.e. on 16th November. After this match, the picture will become clear with whom India will play in the World Cup final on 19th November. Questions are arising in the minds of many fans regarding the final match, like if the final match will be cancelled due to rain even on the reserve day. So in such a situation which team will be given the trophy? Let us tell you the answer to this question.

ICC made arrangements for World Cup 2023:

World Cup 2023

Let us tell you that ICC has confirmed that one day reserve day each has been kept for both the semi-final match and final match of the World Cup 2023. Therefore, if it rains in the semi-final and final matches. The match will be completed the next day. That is, the reserve day for the semi-final match to be held between South Africa and Australia on 16 November will be on 17 November, while the reserve day for the final match to be held on 19 November will be on 20 November. Apart from this, if the result of the match is not known even on the reserve day, then how will the winner be declared in that situation?

This team will become the winner:

World Cup 2023

If rain interferes on 20th November i.e. Reserve Day and the match has to be stopped midway, then the team on top in the points table gets the advantage. That means India will be declared the winner of the World Cup 2023. The reason for this is that India had defeated both Australia and South Africa in the league stage. Also, Team India was the table topper in the league stage. Therefore, if it rains even on the reserve day, the Indian team will become the champion.

Know how the weather will be on the day of the World Cup 2023 final:

It is noteworthy that the title match of World Cup 2023 will be played on November 19 at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. If we talk about the weather of this day, then according to the Meteorological Department, the weather in Ahmedabad Gujarat will be mainly sunny on 19 November 2023. The maximum temperature is likely to be 32 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is likely to be 19 degrees Celsius. The weather will be a little humid in the morning, but the weather will remain dry due to wind throughout the day. The sun will be very strong in the afternoon.

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