Watch: Dhoni level Stumping! Rishabh Pant did a quick stumping against Bangladesh, fans comparing him with Dhoni

Rishabh Pant Stumping

MS Dhoni is one of the most popular legends that have ever played for India and he has created a lot of records that’s why he is loved by all. He was one of the best keepers and finishers and a brilliant captain as well.

He was one of the quickest behind the stumps and he had done many lighting stumpings and that’s why he is considered the best. He holds the record for the fastest stumping in the history of cricket.

Pant did the same as his mentor Dhoni:

Today, Rishabh Pant was active behind the stumps as he did a brilliant stumping in the 88th over of the Bangladesh inning. He is getting a lot of praise for that effort.

He dismissed Nural Hassan as he took the bails in a few seconds and Nural was able to make the crease despite he was just outside of it. It was the sixth wicket of the Bangladesh team and now they are in deep-deep trouble.

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Rishabh Pant has been criticized a lot for his form and fitness:

In recent times, Pant was criticized for his fitness and form as he wasn’t able to perform for so long, and his place was also under question. However, He has performed well in this test match as he scored quick wickets while he has taken a few good catches and stumpings as well.

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