“kisi bhi khiladi se pucho PSL tough hai IPL se” Rizwan gave massive statement on comparison between IPL and PSL

Mohammad Rizwan compared IPL PSL

The draft of the next season of the Pakistan Super League happened yesterday in which many teams tried their best to form a solid team for the next season which is scheduled to start the next season. Pakistan wicketkeeper batter Mohammad Rizwan has claimed that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) is bigger than the Indian Premier League (IPL). His justification for that view is that in Pakistan’s T20 league, even reserve players warm the bench.

All the main players and the president of the Pakistan cricket board were present there for this draft and it was an amazing moment for every fan and the players as well.

He gave a massive statement regarding IPL and PSL:

He gave a massive statement in comparison with the IPL and said that PSL has stunned everybody. At first, everyone thought that it will not be as successful as the league but he and all the other a player are feeling that this is one of the toughest leagues.

He further said that there is IPL but if you ask the players they will say that PSL is the toughest. He also said “The players who are reserves here, they are sitting on the bench at the international level as well. Pakistan is getting good backup players, and PSL should get credit for that.

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Mohammad Rizwan’s international career is amazing:

He has played 26 tests, 49 ODI and 80 T20 matches and he has performed well in every format. He has scored 5 centuries and 36 half-centuries in all three formats. He has scored 1347, 1067 and 2635 runs in tests, ODI and T20 formats respectively.

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