Rohit Sharma won hearts, came out to bat in difficult times with an injured thumb

Rohit Sharma injured thumb

Today India and Bangladesh witnessed a thrilling match till the last ball where Bangladesh team defeated India to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series. But the performance of many players in this match has won the hearts of the fans.

In this, if the fans have felt the most happiness and pride from any player, then it is captain Rohit Sharma. Captain Rohit Sharma was injured while fielding today while taking a catch and injured his thumb. Soon after, he had to leave the field and go for a hospital scan.

Rohit Sharma Almost won the Game for India

Despite this injury, Rohit Sharma finally landed on the field with pain when the team needed him. At that time India had lost 8 wickets and needed 65 runs in 44 balls.  Rohit didn’t get any support from the other end but he didn’t give up. Rohit Sharma scored 51 runs in 28 balls hitting 3 fours and 5 sixes.

But 6 runs were needed on the last ball and Rohit could not get success in hitting that six and the team lost the match. But this innings of the captain won the heart. The same Shreyas Iyer and Akshar Patel also performed brilliant batting.

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Shreyas scored 82 and Patel scored 56 runs, but his innings could not help the team. The same Bangladesh team has achieved an unbeatable lead in this series. The Indian team needs a lot of improvement before the same ODI World Cup.

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