Fans Were Shocked To See Steve Smith’s Surprising Catch, Watch Viral Video

Steve Smith's Surprising Catch

Australia’s star batsman Steve Smith is known to change the game with his bat, but in the second ODI being played in Visakhapatnam, he took such a surprising catch while fielding at slip, due to which he is now making headlines on social media.

Here he caught Hardik Pandya’s catch with one hand while jumping to the right, whose video is now going viral on social media. This incident was seen in the 10th over of the Indian innings. Hardik Pandya was batting at the striker’s end.

This over brought Sean Abbott to Australia. Abbott delivered the ball outside off the stump. Here Hardik Pandya wrongly picked up the line of the ball and hit the edge of his bat on it. The ball then went straight to slip where Steve Smith was positioned.

Smith saw the ball traveling to his right. He was a little far from him, but despite this, this Australian player did not give up his effort. Smith jumped to the right and caught the ball in the air with one hand. Smith’s catch was very spectacular, seeing that all the players and spectators present in the stadium were blown away.

Australian players were happy, but Indian captain Rohit Sharma looked tense. Not only this, there was silence among the fans as well. Hardik Pandya got out after scoring just 1 run in 3 balls. Not only Hardik but Shubman Gill (0), Suryakumar Yadav (0), and KL Rahul (9) also could not score even 10 runs.

Watch Video:

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