ICC Rankings: How Team India Will Become Number 1 In Test? Know All The Equations Here

ICC Rankings: How Team India will Become Number 1 in Test, know all the Equations Here

ICC Test Rankings IND vs AUS: The Test series to be held between Team India and Australia is going to be do or die in a way. The Australian team may be looking to reach the final of the ICC World Test Championship, but its entry is not confirmed yet. If India beat Australia 4-0 in the four-match series and on the other hand, Sri Lanka performs well and wins the series, then Australia’s game can also be spoiled. Although the probability of this is very less. But a lot is at stake for Team India.

Team India will try to reach the final of the ICC WTC by winning this series, while on the other hand, they would like to occupy the number one position in the ICC rankings, which is currently occupied by the Australian team. Let us tell you what will change in the ICC rankings after the result of the four-match series.

Australia is number one in the ICC Test rankings, Team India is on second :

Talking about the ICC Test rankings, Australia occupies the number one position here. Australia has 3,668 points and a rating of 128. After this comes the number of Team India, whose points are 3,690 and whose rating is 115. Although the difference in rating is quite visible, by winning only one match, the Indian team can spoil Australia’s game. The first Test match will be played on February 9 at the Vidarbha Cricket Ground in Nagpur.

If Team India wins this match, then its the current rating of 128 will directly come down to 122 and Team India’s rating will increase to 120. Team India will remain number two even after this, but the difference in ratings will reduce considerably. But winning the second match will change the picture completely.

The second match of the series is to be played at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi. If Team India wins this match too, then Team India will reach the number one position with a rating of 121 and Australia’s rating will be 120 i.e. number two. With this victory, Team India will reach the top, and along with this, there will be an advantage that the Indian team will not lose the series again.

Team India will become number one in the Test rankings if they win three out of four matches :

Now it is not even that Team India wins two matches in a row and the Australian team does not retaliate. The Australian team may be playing in India, but they have also come with good and strong players to take the field. If Australia wins the third match which will be played in Dharamshala, then with a rating of 122, Australia will again become number one and Team India’s rating will remain at 120.

Team india

Now the last test will decide which team will be on top. If Team India wins this match, India’s rating will again be 121, which means on top, and Australia’s team’s rating will be 120. That is, by the end of the series, the Indian team was the number one Test team. But if Australia wins the last Test as well, then Australia will remain number one with a rating of 125, and Team India’s rating will remain at 117. That is, overall, to become number one, Team India will have to win at least three matches in any case.

This will have two advantages, Team India will not only become number one in Tests but will also reach the finals of the ICC World Test Championship. After this, no matter how the rest of the teams perform. Whatever the result of the series, Team India’s place will be confirmed. But if two matches are won and two are lost then the game can be spoiled. Yes, if Team India wins more matches and also draws some matches, then there will be an advantage in ranking and the path to the final of WTC will also be easier to a great extent.

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