WTC Points Table: New Zealand’s Victory And England’s Defeat Affect The Points Table

wtc points table

World Test Championship (WTC) Points Table: The test series is being played between India and Australia. Right now the eyes of the whole world are on this series because it will decide which two teams will be there in the ICC World Test Championship ie WTC to be held in June this year, which will compete with each other in the final. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Test series were also going on in England and New Zealand, which have now ended.

There is always excitement in T20 and ODIs, but it is very rare in Test cricket that till the last ball of the match, it is not known which team is getting heavy. This was the reason that New Zealand defeated the England team riding on the chariot of victory by one run in a thrilling Test match. You can know about the interestingness of this Test from the fact that this has happened only for the second time in the history of Test cricket when the margin of victory or defeat in the Test was only one run. I will give you some more interesting information about this match, but before that let us know what has been the effect on the points table of WTC after New Zealand vs England Test. Will Team India make any difference to this win or loss or not?

Australia is number one in the latest points table of WTC, and Team India is in second place

If we look at the points table of the ICC World Test Championship, we find that even after defeating India in two consecutive matches, the Australian team is occupying the number one chair. The team currently has 136 points and the winning percentage is 66.67 percent. The winning percentage is the most important in this. Team India is number two after Australia, whose points are 123, while the win percentage is 64.06. Although India’s win percentage was low and at one point the team even went to number four, first India defeated Bangladesh in two matches and then Australia was beaten badly in two matches.

The Sri Lankan team is at number three. Which has so far earned 64 points and its winning percentage is 53.33. These are the three teams that are contenders for going to the finals. Especially India and Australia, but if you look at the statistics, the place of any team has not yet been confirmed for the final. That’s why South Africa is also being considered a contender. This team has so far scored 76 points and the winning percentage is 48.72. At the same time, there are no contenders left for England and New Zealand to go to the final. Although the England team has already been out of the race for the final, after that the team showed a good game. On the other hand, if we talk about New Zealand, this team reached the final of the WTC in the year 2021 and also won the title. That is, the victory of New Zealand by one run and the defeat of England has not affected the health of Team India even an iota. If the Indian team also wins the third Test to be held in Indore, then it will enter the final. But now let us also tell you about the points and win percentages of England and New Zealand. The England team is currently at number five with 124 points and the team’s winning percentage is 46.97. On the other hand, New Zealand has 36 points, and talking about the winning percentage, it is 27.27.

New Zealand beat England by one run in an interesting test match:

Now let’s give you a little information about this match as well. In the match, the England team came out to bat first and declared their innings by scoring 435 runs for eight wickets in 87.1 overs. After this it was New Zealand’s turn, the team could only score 209 runs in 53.2 overs in the first innings and got all out. That is, England gave a follow-on to New Zealand. The team batted brilliantly while batting for the second time. In the second innings, the team batted for 162.3 overs and posted a mammoth score of 483 runs. Now the England team was in trouble. England had a target of 258 runs to win, but the team could manage only 256 runs losing all wickets in 74.2 overs. That is, England had to face a close defeat by one run. The series consisted of two matches, with both teams winning one match each and the series ending in a draw.

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