After match vs India Hong Kong star Kinchit Shah proposed his girlfriend, Watch viral video

India vs Hong Kong match was played on Wednesday i.e. 31st August, in which India managed to win the match by 40 runs and have also made it to Super-4. During this match, there was a very romantic scene where Hong-Kong player Kinchit Shah proposed his girlfriend in front of everyone.

Kinchit Sah proposed to his girlfriend

Even though Hong Kong had to face defeat at the hands of India in the match played on Wednesday, but for their player Kinchit Shah, this match has become very memorable. Actually in this match he proposed his girlfriend. Let us tell you that after the match, Kinchit Shah reached the stand through the dressing room, where his girlfriend was watching the match. Even though the girlfriend was disappointed during the match as her team lost. However, these tears of sorrow soon turned into happiness.

Proposed on the stand

After the match, Hong-Kong player Kinchit Shah asked his girlfriend in front of everyone – Will you marry me? Hearing this, his girlfriend was quite surprised, after which a little bit again asked Will you marry me? After which his girlfriend said in reply- of course. However, after this, Kinchit Shah gave his girlfriend a ring and both of them got engaged in front of the audience present in thousands. After this scene, his girlfriend told that he could not believe that all this was really happening. After wearing the ring, the spectators present in the stadium also congratulated both of them by clapping.

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