BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said in response to a question on Virat Kohli, ‘Jhagda bahot karta, par…

The recent contestation over Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President Sourav Ganguly and Indian Test captain Virat Kohli has garnered the foremost conversations. Virat denied the news of a rift between himself and Rohit Sharma by holding a news conference on Wednesday, also proving a press release of Ganguly wrong.

Ganguly was now asked the name of the player with his favorite attitude during an event where he took Virat’s name. He said that I prefer Virat Kohli’s attitude, but he fights tons.

According to a report in’Cricktracker’, Ganguly was asked then how he copes with the strain in his life, he replied funnily. He said, “ There’s no stress in life. Only women and girlfriends give stress.

Virat fully denies Ganguly’s statement

When Virat held the press conference, he fully denied Ganguly’s statement, in which he’d said that Virat was requested not to leave the captaincy of T20. Kohli said that 90 minutes before the team’s selection for the South Africa stint, he was removed from the captaincy of the ODI platoon and the BCCI has noway asked him to review leaving the captaincy of the T20 platoon, as claimed by the board. After Kohli’s exposures, his suckers fiercely targeted Sourav Ganguly on social media. Fans also demanded the abdication of Sourav Ganguly from the post of BCCI President.

This was Ganguly’s statement on Virat’s press conference

A day after Virat’s press conference, people wanted to take his response from Ganguly, but he didn’t do so.” BCCI’ll deal with the matter duly and it should be left to the board,” he said. Surprised by Virat’s stormy news conference, the BCCI is believed to be watching options to affect the extremity, while also icing that dramatic off-field developments cover the team ahead of the pivotal Test series against South Africa. Do not be detracted.

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