A FIR Registered Against MS Dhoni in Bihar’s Begusarai, Know what are the allegations against him

A complaint has been filed in Bihar’s Begusarai Court in which former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been made accused. Apart from Dhoni, the names of 7 other people are included in the accused in this case.

The case has been registered by a fertilizer seller. The case pertains to bounced check of Rs 30 lakh. The case has been registered in the court. The CJM has transferred the case to another court for a hearing.



According to the complaint filed, in the year 2021, with an agency named DS Enterprises Begusarai, the fertilizer company Global Upgrade India, New Delhi agreed to the sale of one of its special products. The agency paid Rs 36.81 lakh to the company for the product. The company sent the fertilizer to the agency but did not cooperate with the marketing as promised. The owner of the agency, Neeraj Kumar Nirala, has said that he suffered losses due to the non-cooperation of the company.

Later on, complaining, the company took back the fertilizer stock in the agency and in return gave a check of 30 lakhs. When the owner sent the check to the bank, it bounced. Even after giving this information repeatedly, the company officials or representatives did not pay attention. The agency owner’s lawyer also sent a legal notice to the company about the bounce of the check, but the shopkeeper did not get any relief. Exhausted, Neeraj Kumar went to the shelter of Nirala Court.


In this case, on behalf of Neeraj Kumar Nirala, former cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, along with the company’s CEO Rajesh Arya, State Head Ajay Kumar, Marketing Head Arpit Dubey, MD Imran Zafar, Marketing Manager Vandana Anand and Director Mahendra Singh, 8 have been arrested.

Former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni had advertised this product. Because of this, Neeraj Kumar Nirala has also filed a case against Dhoni.

Advocate Sanjay Kumar of the plaintiff Neeraj Kumar Nirala has told that a case has been registered in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate Rupam Kumari. All have been made accused under Section 406, 120B IPC and NI Act 138. The court transferred the case to the court of Judicial Magistrate Ajay Kumar Mishra after accepting. The next hearing will be on June 28. The matter is in the headlines due to the name of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the case.

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