Watch Video: Amazing thing Happened in Live Match, not the Boy but the Girl Proposed by Sitting on her Knees

A wonderful incident has happened in the match being played between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. It is usually seen that boys propose girls by sitting on their knees or in some other way, but during today’s match, a different case has been seen.


This time not the boy but the girl proposed by sitting on her knees

In fact, two pairs were seen wearing RCB jerseys during the match. As soon as the camera went towards them, the girl proposed to the boy wearing a ring in front of millions of people. After this both were seen hugging with each other. This funny incident It happened during 11 overs of Chennai Super Kings batting.

A Couple

Although the camera was focused on him only for four to five seconds, but in that same video this video is becoming viral on social media.The boy also accepts the girl’s proposal without any hesitation. The couple has been seen proposing to each other, so this is not the first time that a couple has been seen proposing during a live match.

Watch Video here:

Talking about the match, Royal Challengers Bangalore have defeated Chennai Super Kings by 13 runs, with this defeat, Chennai’s chances of reaching the playoffs are almost over.

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