#Cheating: Has India cheated to win the match? Umpires deliberately start match after rain, know what’s whole incident

“Cheating” was trending on Twitter and all other social media after the defeat of Bangladesh against India in a crucial match of the super 12 of ICC T20 World cup 2022.

In this match, India while batting first put 183/5 on the board while the second inning was affected by rain and that’s why the DLS method was used. The target of Bangladesh was revised to 156 in 16 overs.

The match was forcefully started by the umpire earlier than expected after the rain:

This is what all Bangladeshi fans are saying after the match as they are thinking that the outfield was wet and the match was started earlier after the rain just to favor India.

However, it is not true as after checking all the thing the umpire and match referee decided to restart the match and both the captains also agreed to this decision.

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Shakib Al-Hasan also gave his statement regarding this.

He after the match stated that there is nothing like that and in fact the pitch was useful for the batting side and they were not able to utilise it.

He said ” Yes, there was a little slippery, according to the amount of rain that had to be slippery. In such a situation, these conditions suit the batting side more than the bowling side. So we can’t make excuses for the conditions.”

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