If India-England semi-final match is canceled due to rain, then this Team will play the final

World Cup semifinal

India will face England in the semifinals of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 and it will be a very interesting match to watch out for both powerhouses will take on each other.

India came here after finishing at the top of the group B points table. They won 4 out of their 5 games and had 8 points. Whereas England is the second team to qualify for semis from group A.

What if the semis get washed out or get canceled?

Well everyone is confused that if the semifinals will be washed out. Then here is the answer if a match is delayed or washed out due to rain then we have an extra reserve day.

However if for any reason we don’t get a play of a minimum of 10 overs in both of the games then the team with a higher ranking will go through the finals.

India will get benefits if the match washes out.

India finished at the top of the table while England was in 2nd position. Because of this if this match washes out then India will qualify for the finals because India finished on the higher rank.

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