“If required we will change playing XI in every game” Rohit Sharma big statement before Ind Pak match

India captain Rohit Sharma wants to be flexible in his playing XI and doesn’t mind making a couple of changes every match during his campaign against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup on Sunday. India has tried 29 cricketers in T20 cricket in the last one year. India will begin their campaign in the World Cup with a Super 12 match against Pakistan at Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday.

Rohit said before the match against Pakistan on Sunday, “There are occasions when we do not know much about other teams, how they will perform at this time. In such a situation, players have to be selected on the basis of their discretion based on their current form.’ He said, ‘We also look at the figures. I don’t mind changing my playing XI. One or two changes can be made in every match as well.

Rohit Sharma Press conference

He admitted that India have not done well in ICC tournaments in the recent past. He called it a challenge rather than a pressure. “The pressure is constant,” he said. I consider it a challenge to win against Pakistan. We haven’t won an ICC tournament for nine years and it’s disappointing not to be able to win despite being such a team.

He said- We know that we have to play our best cricket. So we will take one match at a time that we have to do well in that match. After that we will think about the next match. The possibility of doing the charisma of 2007 is visible in 2022 as well.


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Rohit described it as very challenging for the team and said, ‘We will not call it pressure but of course it will be challenging for us to come on top.’ Rohit said, ‘I think now the opportunity has come that we Do well here. We have to focus on a few things so that they stay true.

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