India still have a chance to qualify for final, but it depends upon other results, see how?

In the second match of Super-4 of Asia Cup 2022, Sri Lanka defeated India by 6 wickets. This defeat is going to break the hearts of crores of Indians along with Team India. Earlier, in the first match of Super-4, Pakistan defeated India by 5 wickets. Despite losing to Pakistan, the fans expected that India would beat Sri Lanka and Afghanistan and there would be a clash between India and Pakistan once again in the final of the Asia Cup on Sunday.

After the victory of Sri Lanka, Team India is finding it difficult to play in the final of the Asia Cup. However, India can still reach the final of the Asia Cup. For this, Afghanistan will first have to defeat Pakistan in next match. If Pakistan wins tomorrow, then India will be out of the Asia Cup.

After the victory of Afghanistan, Pakistan will have 1 win in 2 matches. On the other hand, the Indian team will have to beat Afghanistan in the match on 8 September. After defeating Afghanistan, Team India will have 1 win in 3 matches. At the same time, Afghanistan’s team will also remain on 1 win out of 3. In the match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the fans will have to hope that Sri Lanka beat Pakistan.

In such a situation, all the three teams India, Afghanistan and Pakistan will remain with 1-1 victory. Out of these three, the team whose run rate is better can compete with Sri Lanka in the final match. Beyond these figures, if you look at the other hand, you will find that almost India’s journey in the Asia Cup is over.

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