‘Tu Lucky hai Urvashi tere jese pe ghaas dal rha’ KRK takes a dig at Rishabh over feud with Urvashi Rautela

The ongoing dispute between Rishabh Pant and Urvashi Rautela is not hidden from anyone. Meanwhile, Bollywood actor Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK has taken a dig at Rishabh Pant by posting the video. KRK said in his video, ‘The whole world knows that Rishabh Pant and Urvashi Rautela were friends at one time. Then both of them had a fight and both of them unfollowed each other on social media and insulted each other’s mother and sister a lot.

KRK further said, ‘These two took each other’s mother and sister, tore each other’s clothes and people had fun. After a long time, Urvashi gave a statement in the media that there was a boy RP, he had made him wait for hours. He was so crazy about me. Rishabh Pant was furious after reading this.

KRK said, ‘Rishabh Pant is illiterate, it is not that he should remain silent, what had to happen happened. Rishabh Boor would not have understood that if he would say something, then he would be insulted. Hey brother, no girl took your name, just talk, you keep quiet. He did not remain silent because what Urvashi was saying was true. Rishabh Pant was the one who was waiting for Urvashi Rautela for hours and hours.

KRK said, ‘When the truth came out, his body and body caught fire. You are so stupid that you called Urvashi Rautela sister. Do you even have any idea what kind of relationship sister is. You could call him crazy, you could call him a cat, you could call him illiterate. But, how can you call a girl sister with whom you were in a relationship. How can you spoil the relation of sister.’


KRK further said, ‘Kitna gira hua admi hai yaar tu, you have proved that you are the number one coward. Rishabh donkey bhai you are just a wicketkeeper. She is Urvashi Rautela, if she threw grass like you, then you should consider yourself lucky. Now you are being thrashed all over the world. Have some shame man.

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