Video: Lalit Yadav did ‘Blunder’, both the batsman at one end, but still no one was runout

In the 64th match of IPL 2022, Shikhar Dhawan’s bat was silent once again and he went on to make 19 runs in just 16 balls. However, against Delhi, his luck also appeared merciful and once he was determined to gift his wicket but Lalit Yadav made a big mistake and Dhawan got life.

The incident happened in the fifth over when the fourth ball of Lalit Yadav’s over, Dhawan tried to take a single by playing a shot towards mid-on. Dhawan ran away after hitting the shot but Lalit showed quickness like a leopard and caught the ball. At this time, Dhawan had reached Bhanuka Rajapaksa’s end and Lalit only had to get the ball to Rishabh Pant.

But they say that if luck is kind then no one can harm you. The same was seen in Dhawan’s case as well. Lalit lost his senses in the show of enthusiasm and threw the ball as soon as he caught it. This throw neither went towards Pant nor to any fielder but in a different direction, due to which Bhanuka got time to reach her end.

The video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media and fans are also organizing Lalit’s class. On the other hand, if we talk about this match, while chasing 160 runs, Punjab’s batting collapsed like a pack of cards and in this important match, no batsman could hold on to bat.

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