Watch: Mohammad Rizwan got scared seeing the girl, put his hand on heart and did something like this

Mohammad Rizwan has been an amazing batter and he is a role model for many as he had amazing records many young players want to be like him and Perform for Pakistan like him.

He is also a very kind player who loves to be connected with all his fans and people and we have seen many examples of that in the past already. We have seen him giving autographs and taking pictures with the fan.

Rizwan seen going away from a girl when he was coming to him:

A recent video of him is getting viral on the internet in which he was seen going away from a woman when she tried to get a picture with him and he rejected that picture.

He has already said that he respects all women a lot and that he feels like he is not that successful to get a picture with a woman and this makes him special. This statement has already won the hearts of many.

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Rizwan was in very good form

He was in very good form in the world cup and played some brilliant inning in the World cup and he had an important contribution to the team’s performance in reaching the finals but they missed just one step to be the champion.

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