Team India Won the Asia Cup but Ravindra Jadeja Raised a Big Question Before the World Cup

The Indian cricket team has won the title of Asia Cup-2023. After this, now Team India’s eyes are on the ODI World Cup starting from October 5. Team India’s confidence would have increased a lot after winning the Asia Cup and it can benefit from this victory in the World Cup.

India last won the ODI World Cup in 2011, but since then it has not been able to become world champion again. This time Team India will try to end the drought that has been going on for 12 years, but before the World Cup, the team’s star all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja has given tension to the team. He has raised a big question in front of captain Rohit Sharma.

Ravindra Jadeja is an important player of the team. Along with his bowling, he also does wonders with his batting. He has the power to win matches for the team with both bat and ball and has no equal in fielding. But Jadeja’s bat has been quiet in recent times. It is expected from him that he will do wonders with the bat but this has not been seen to happen and this is what is increasing the tension of Team India. If Jadeja’s bat remains silent before the World Cup, then there is bound to be tension.

Runs are not Coming out

Jadeja’s bat is quiet at the moment. Especially in ODIs, runs are not coming from his bat nor is he able to bat in the same style as he used to. In the last 10 ODI matches, Jadeja has batted in seven matches but he could not even cross the 20 mark in a single match. In the recently concluded Asia Cup, Jadeja batted in three matches in which he scored 14 runs against Pakistan, four against Sri Lanka and seven against Bangladesh. Earlier, in the three matches played against West Indies, only 32 runs were scored from his bat. Jadeja scored his last half-century in ODI against Australia in Canberra on December 2, 2020. But after this, no half-century innings has come from his bat. In view of this, Jadeja’s form has raised a big question in front of Team India.

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That’s why Jadeja is important

Jadeja is an all-rounder. He is a left arm spinner and batsman. His bowling is going well. He is succeeding in taking wickets. But Jadeja’s role in Team India is to score fast runs in the lower order. He has been entrusted with this responsibility. In a way, he is one of the finishers of the team. Therefore, when he does not score runs, it is natural to raise questions on his role and also the tension of the team. In the World Cup, every team wants each of its players to give their best. Team India also wants that Jadeja should complete the work assigned to him as a lower order batsman so that the team does not face any kind of problem, but his bat is not able to do this work and if so. If this continues, it is sure to have an impact on the team.

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