Shami’s reaction to Rahul Gandhi’s Panauti statement came to the fore, said this when Marsh stepped on the trophy


India had to face defeat against Australia in the final of the World Cup 2023. Many high-profile people had reached Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad to watch this match. PM Modi himself and Home Minister Amit Shah were also present in the stadium to watch this match. After the defeat of Team India, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi used the word Panauti for the PM in an election rally. There’s a lot of uproar over this statement. There was a lot of uproar over his statement and BJP leaders also demanded action against Rahul Gandhi from the Election Commission. Now the reaction of Team India’s fast bowler Mohammed Shami on this matter has come to light. Apart from this, he has also replied to Australia’s Mitchell Marsh sitting with his feet on the trophy.

Mohammed Shami reaction to Rahul Gandhi statement on PM Modi, Shami reaction on Mitchell Marsh feet on trophy

While talking to journalists in Amroha, Shami said I do not understand the controversial questions. The focus should be on basic things. It should be noted that Team India worked hard for two months. I don’t understand the political agenda that you guys bring. Shami also talked about meeting PM Modi. He said- This is very important. When the Prime Minister encourages you, it increases confidence. Then your morale is low and the PM’s talk boosts your confidence. This is something different.

Why is there controversy:

After India’s defeat in the World Cup final, Rahul Gandhi termed PM Modi as a tactic. After this, the BJP mentioned India’s defeat against Pakistan in 1982, which Indira Gandhi had come to see. BJP leaders also demanded the Election Commission to take action against Rahul Gandhi and Mallikarjun Kharge. Kharge had said that his caste got reservation after Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat, while the BJP says that his caste got reservation in 1999 and he became the Chief Minister in 2001.

What Shami said about Mitchell Marsh:


Actually, a picture of Australian all-rounder Mitchell Marsh was revealed, in which he was seen sitting on a sofa and his feet were on the World Cup trophy. There was a lot of uproar over this photo and many fans asked him to respect the trophy. Now Shami has given a statement on this. Shami said- I am hurt by this. It makes me angry to step on the trophy for which the whole world competes, the trophy you want to hold above your head. Shami had to sit on the bench in the first few matches. He got a chance when Hardik Pandya was injured. On this Shami said- When you sit on the bench for four matches, you become mentally strong. Sometimes you come under pressure, but if the team is performing well then you get satisfaction from it.

Shami said that he does not like to see the behavior of the pitch before the match. He said that usually, bowlers see the behavior of the pitch when they reach the field. I never go near the pitch because you will know about it only when you bowl on it. So why take pressure before that? It’s up to you to keep things simple. You have to keep yourself relaxed so that you can perform well in the match. Shami performed amazingly in the World Cup 2023 and took maximum 24 wickets. This includes four-wicket hauls once in an inning and five-wicket hauls thrice. Shami took seven wickets in the semi-final against New Zealand.

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