Watch: That moment when Pakistan lost by 1 run, 3 runs were to be scored in 3 balls, watch last over thriller

There has been a big change in the T20 World Cup 2022. Neighboring country Pakistan suffered a 1 run defeat at the hands of Zimbabwe. After this defeat at the hands of Zimbabwe, the journey ahead for Pakistan is not going to be easy at all. After losing to India, Pakistan’s team remained weak in front of Zimbabwe and lost the match. In this thriller match, which lasted till the last ball, the Pakistan team had to score 3 runs on the last 3 ball to win.

Mohammad Nawaz was on strike. But, after playing the fourth ball dot of the over, he got out on the fifth ball. Shaheen Afridi was given the responsibility of scoring 3 runs on the last ball. Afridi ran for runs as soon as he struck the ball with the bat, but he could run only 1 run and Pakistan’s team lost the match by 1 run.

Zimbabwe won the thrill of the last ball

After winning the toss, Zimbabwe, who came to bat first, were given a strong start by their batsmen Wesley Madhevere and Craig Erwin. After which the Pakistan team made a great comeback on the strength of their bowlers and had bundled out Zimbabwe for just 130 runs. Looking at the target of 131 runs, it looked easy for Pakistan but the Zimbabwe bowlers chewed the Nako gram of Babar Azam’s team.

Babar Azam’s wicket fell first on the combined score of 13 runs, after which Mohammad Rizwan also went on contributing just 14 runs. Amidst the ups and downs of the match, Pakistan lost the match by 1 run due to not fulfilling the requirement of 11 runs in the last over. Along with this, their hopes of going to the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup have also suffered a major setback. At the same time, Indian fans have also started enjoying this defeat of Pakistan.

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