Watch: Umesh Yadav showed his strength, hit 100 meters long six of the series, Bangladesh Bowler Shocked

Umesh Yadav longest six

In the first innings of the first Test being played against Bangladesh, the Indian team scored a total of 404 runs. During this, Cheteshwar Pujara (90) and Shreyas Iyer (86) scored the most runs for the Indian team. Apart from these, Ravichandran Ashwin also played an inning of 58 runs in 113 balls and played an important role in taking Team India beyond 400. Apart from these, Umesh Yadav also washed his hands in the flowing Ganga and scored 15 not out by hitting two sixes at the end of the innings.

Longest six by Umesh Yadav

One of these two sixes hit by Umesh Yadav was so long that the ball fell 100 meters away. You can see his power in this six hit by Umesh Yadav and this 100 meter long six is ​​currently the longest six of the match. The video of this six is ​​becoming quite viral on social media and fans are also praising Umesh Yadav.

On the other hand, if we talk about this match, then the Indian team will expect more from Umesh Yadav’s bowling than his batting. After the batsmen, it will now be up to the Indian bowlers to wrap up Bangladesh’s innings as soon as possible and strengthen their hold on Team India’s match. For the Indian team, not only this test but the test match that comes after it is also very important because if India loses even one match, then the dream of playing the final of the World Test Championship can hang in the balance.

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In such a situation, Rahul & Co. will first try to win the Chittagong Test and then hope that Rohit Sharma will also be back in the team in the next match. Rohit Sharma was injured during the third ODI and had to walk off the field but when India needed him in the last overs, he batted courageously and almost won the match for India. Rohit has currently reached Mumbai from Bangladesh and only after seeing a specialist here, he will decide whether to return to Bangladesh for the second Test or not.

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