Watch: Van der Merwe won hearts, plays and ran In pain at age of 37 to avoid Heavy NRR Loss For Netherlands

Sri Lanka won the 9th match of the T20 World Cup by defeating the Netherlands by 16 runs. This match was very exciting, in which a wonderful sight was seen in the last over. Actually, this match may have been won by Sri Lanka, but it will be remembered only and only for the 37-year-old Netherlands bowler Van der Merwe. During the match, Van der Merwe had a lot of pain in his back and because of this it was becoming very difficult for him to walk properly, but despite all this, he came out to bat on the field and ran for every run in pain. Caught on camera.

Van Der Merwe Shows Excellent Spirit

This incident happened in the 19th and 20th overs of the Netherlands innings. The team had lost nine wickets and now only Van der Merwe was left to support Max O’Dawood. Marve was injured and was unable to walk properly, but despite this, he decided to come on the field and bat for his team.

Marve came to the ground and he also ran in the middle of the pitch, struggling for every single run at the time of need. He was on strike on the fourth ball of the 20th over and missed the ball trying to hit a big shot. After this, he ran to give the strike to the fellow player and after reaching the non-striker, his face showed unbearable pain.

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Seeing the dedication of the Netherlands player, even the commentators could not stop themselves from praising him. Let us tell you that Van der Merwe is one of the few players who have played cricket for two countries at the international level. Before the Netherlands, he has also played cricket for South Africa. In this match, he delivered three overs, during which he spent only 16 runs at an economy of 5.33.

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