VIDEO: Virat Kohli was upset with ‘God’ after out, he stared at the sky for 5 seconds and saying something

IPL 2022: Virat Kohli or simply say ‘King Kohli’ does not need any introduction today. There is no doubt in this that Virat Kohli is out of form but, seeing the way this champion batsman is trying his best to get back in form, any person’s heart should melt.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli walks on the field match after match with enthusiasm but, every time the result is almost the same. The famous song from the movie 3 Idiots – ‘Give Me Some Sunshine, Give Me Some Rain, Give Me Another Chance, I Wanna Grow Up Once Again’ suits Virat Kohli.

In the match played against Punjab Kings, Virat Kohli was seen batting in complete rhythm. Before getting out, Virat Kohli was playing on 20 runs in 13 balls with the help of 1 six and 2 fours but, in the course of crossing the boundary of Rabada, Kohli completely missed and lost his wicket.

The reaction of veteran King Kohli after getting out was worth watching. Virat Kohli looks up at the sky and looks quite disappointed. Looking at Virat Kohli, it seems as if he is trying to tell God that I have done everything right but still, why is my bat not scoring runs.

Anyway, Virat Kohli may be in bad form in IPL 2022. But, it cannot be denied that Virat Kohli was the king yesterday and is still the king. And in the times to come, the king will remain the same.

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