Virat Kohli was doing private work, A man made a video on the camera

The relationship between Virat Kohli and the camera is like a heartfelt lover. Wherever Virat Kohli goes, the camera keeps following King Kohli like a heartbroken lover. Virat Kohli may try as much as he can to avoid the camera, but it is fun that the camera leaves him behind.

A video of the Virat Kohli and the camera is going viral on social media, in which Virat Kohli is seen asking the cameraman to divert the camera from himself.

Virat Kohli

This incident happened during practice before the Eliminator match of IPL 2022 against Lucknow Supergiants. The camera made it difficult for Virat to wear an abdominal guard (AD).

Virat Kohli kept pleading with the camera person to shift the focus of the camera but the cameraman was riding in his tune.

The cameraman recorded Virat Kohli wearing a guard –

The man holding the camera did not listen to Virat Kohli and kept on shooting and finally, Kohli put on his guard in front of the camera. Virat Kohli is seen in the video pointing to the camera person by hand brother I have to wear a guard, and remove the camera but, the cameraman keeps on shooting the video. When Virat Kohli sees that now the cameraman will not listen to him, then Virat wears a guard.

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