Fans kept chanting Dinesh Karthik’s name, Murali Vijay lost his cool and see what he did

Dinesh Karthik and Murali Vijay, both the players are seen playing on the cricket field after a long time. Dinesh Karthik has made a comeback in the Indian team after a long time, while Murali Vijay is also playing in the Tamil Nadu Premier League. Both the players have also had a lot of family disputes with each other.

Actually Dinesh Karthik’s ex-wife Nikita was having an affair with Murali Vijay. After this Dinesh divorced her, then the same Murali Vijay also married Nikita. Dinesh Karthik also decided to marry Dipika Pallikal, starting a new story of his life after this incident. Since then Dinesh started achieving new heights of success in his life.

Murali Vijay

Fans chant DK DK to get Murali Vijay’s attention, player pleads with fans to stop

Meanwhile, Murali Vijay was recently fielding for his team during a match in the Tamil Nadu Premier League. During this, the fans sitting in the stand started shouting the name of “DK-DK” for Dinesh Karthik. The video of this incident started going viral on social media everywhere. After this Murali Vijay also reacted to this.

Looking at the fans, Murali Vijay folded his hands and gestured to them as to why he was doing this. However, like Dinesh Karthik, Murali Vijay has also made a strong comeback on the cricket field. He recently scored a brilliant century in 57 balls in a match in the Tamil Nadu Premier League.

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