Jay Shah refused to take the Tricolor in his hand, People angry for his Behaviour, Video goes viral

India won the Asia Cup on Sunday by defeating Pakistan by 5 wickets in the match. This match was very exciting, but in the end, India won the match on the strength of Hardik Pandya’s batting. However, after this such a video surfaced, due to which there has been a ruckus on social media. Actually, this video is related to BCCI Sachin Jay Shah in which he is seen refusing to raise the national flag.

Yes, Jay Shah, son of BCCI Sachin and the country’s Home Minister (Amit Shah), had refused to raise the tricolor during the India Pakistan match. The incident happened after Hardik Pandya’s deciding six came off the bat. It can be seen in the video that a man gestures to Jai Shah to hoist the tricolor after the Indian team’s victory, but Jay Shah refuses to hold the flag.

Jay Shah

The reaction of fans is being seen on social media on the viral video of Jay Shah. A user questioned whether Jay Shah is allergic to raising the tricolor. Another user wrote, “Jay Shah should tell his father that hoisting the national flag or standing on the national anthem is not a mark of patriotism.” Many such reactions are being seen.

It is worth noting that there is also a group on social media which seems to be defending Jay Shah. Supporters of Jay Shah say that he is a member of the Asian Cricket Council, due to which he cannot support any one country. Because of this, he refused to raise the tricolor.

Let us tell you that India started the tournament with a win by defeating Pakistan in the Asia Cup match, but in this match both India and Pakistan did not see a strong game from both the teams. Recently, former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has expressed his displeasure due to this.

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