Watch Video: Nortje Dangerous Bouncer hit Ruturaj Gaikwad Face, batsman fall down on ground

The Indian team has set a target of 180 runs in the third T20 match against South Africa. In this match, young batsman Ruturaj Gaikwad scored a half-century in an explosive manner and every bowler of the visiting team was fiercely classed. Meanwhile, Gaikwad also lashed out at Enrique Norkhia, but in the meantime the gun bowler almost showed Gaikwad the stars at his own pace.

Ruturaj Gaikwad scored 57 off 35 balls in the third match against South Africa. Gaikwad entertained the fans with 7 fours and 2 sixes. Meanwhile, when Norkhia came in front of him, this young player did not pay attention to him and rained fours one after the other. Seeing Ruturaj’s batting, Norkhia was furious and he threw a dangerous bouncer to Gaikwad.

This incident happened in the 5th over of the Indian Powerplay. Gaikwad had hit two fours in the first two balls of Norkhia. South Africa’s gun bowler had become quite furious, in such a situation, the next ball came to the batsman with a bouncer. Ruturaj could not react to the fast approaching ball. After this, the ball first hit the helmet worn on his face and then took the edge of the bat and reached across the boundary.

Gaikwad was very lucky as he did not suffer any damage on this ball. But this ball could have hurt the batsman a lot. Let us tell you that even after this, Gaikwad did not change his explosive batting and also hit fours in the next two balls. Indian team got 20 runs from the over.

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