New Rules in Ipl Playoffs, Now RCB will be out the final race without playing, know why

IPL 2022 is heading towards its end. It has become clear which teams will be in the last four. Now there is going to be a match between the four teams that have reached the playoffs. Guidelines have been issued by the IPL before the start of the Eliminator match. Under which if the match is not able to happen due to any reason, then IPL has issued a new guideline and informed all the franchises to get its result.

If it rains in all four playoff and final matches or if the match is not held on time, then the decision will be taken through super over. If for some reason the match does not take place, then in this situation the team topping the points table will be declared the winner. According to the new rule, in the Eliminator match, RCB can be out of the race for the final without playing the match. The Eliminator match between Lucknow Supergiants and Royal Challengers Bangalore is going to be held at Eden Gardens Kolkata on 25 May 2022. But according to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of rain along with thunderstorms in Kolkata on this day.


If this match simply does not start and there is no super over, then according to the new rule, the team which has more points in the points table will be declared the winner. In such a situation, RCB will be out of the final race without playing the match. Because Lucknow Supergiants team has 18 points and Royal Challengers Bangalore has 16 points. According to ESPNcricinfo, if it rains, then an additional time of 2 hours has been added to the schedule. So that the match can be played. This means that if the playoff matches do not start at 7:30, then they can start till 9:30.

According to the new guidelines issued by the IPL, the overs can also be cut in the playoff matches. Both the teams will be given a chance to bat at least 5 overs. If there is a match of 5 overs, then no strategic timeout will be given. For this, the cut-off time has been kept at 11:56 and there will also be an inner break of 10 minutes, the same match will end at 12:50.

It has also been said in this guideline that if a 5-5 over match is held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on May 29, then it can be started till 12:26 late at night. The same final can start at 10:10, with this a full 20 over match will be played and two strategic time outs will also be given in both the innings. There is no fixed day for two qualifiers and one eliminator match.

In such a situation, if one innings is completed and then the second innings is not possible, then it will be decided by taking the help of the Duckworth-Lewis rule. Under the new rule, if the final match to be played on May 29 is stopped due to rain, then the next day it will be started again from where the match was stopped. If no ball is bowled after the toss, it will be tossed again on the next day. Also, if 20-20 overs are not bowled, then the winning team will be decided through super over. Which can also start late at 1:20 pm.

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