Fans Teasing DK-DK in front of Murali Vijay, then see what Murali Vijay did, Video goes viral

Murali Vijay has recently returned to the cricket field after a long time and has scored a scintillating century in the Tamil Nadu Premier League. However, in the meantime, Murali Vijay had to join hands in this tournament, all this happened during the live match, Murali Vijay was imposed for an incident in his life.

Fans Teasing by taking name of DK

Murali Vijay

Let us tell you that during this match, slogans of Dinesh Karthik were raised in front of Murali Vijay, after which this player looked uncomfortable and Murali folded his hands in front of the fans. This video of Murali Vijay is going viral on social media. In the match, Murali Vijay is fielding on the boundary and during this time some fans were seen shouting slogans of Dinesh Karthik, after hearing all this, Murali Vijay folds his hands in front of him and gestures, what is he doing all this. ?

Now let us tell you why Murali Vijay joined hands in the name of Dinesh Karthik, Murali Vijay married Dinesh Karthik’s first wife Nikita. There are reports that Dinesh Karthik decided to get divorced only after he came close to Murali Vijay. After that he married his wife Deepika, recently two twins have also happened, the fans remembered the sight and started shouting slogans of Dinesh Karthik. After this video of him went viral, fans can also be seen trolling a lot.

Let us tell you that Murli Vijay, who was a specialist of Team India, is currently playing matches during TNPL. Where he has surprised everyone with his excellent batting by scoring a century. But now he has been forced to join hands in the name of Dinesh Karthik on the field. Murali Vijay, who has been completely out of international cricket, is still showing his strength on the cricket field.

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