Know why DK wears this different helmet? You will be surprised to know the reason

Indian wicket-keeper batsman Dinesh Karthik once again displayed his finishing abilities during Australia series. We are going to tell you about the unique design of the helmet worn by Dinesh Karthik and the reasons behind his choice.

The design of the helmet that Dinesh Karthik wears is something that grabs attention. Karthik, 37, wears a unique looking helmet, which resembles the helmet used in baseball and American football games. Please tell that Karthik’s helmet has additional metal grilles for protection from the leather ball. Still, there are some possible reasons why Dinesh Karthik prefers to wear this type of helmet?

Reason behind Dinesh Karthik Different helmet

Dinesh’s helmet is light in weight, which makes it a better fit on the head. Talking about its another feature, more ventilators have been given in its upper part and side by side as compared to the common helmet. As a result, it also provides some relief to Kartik from the heat and sweat.

Apart from this, there has been a change in the color of the helmet as a result of India’s new blue jersey. Kartik’s helmet is now brighter than ever. Not only this, like Dinesh Karthik, some other cricketers including James Taylor, Stuart Broad, Rahul Tripathi and Kumar Sangakkara have worn similar helmets in the past.

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