Shreyas lyer wears a different type of sticker while playing cricket, Know what is the reason behind it

Shreyas Iyer is one of the important batsmen in the Indian cricket team’s middle order. In the IPL, this time he was seen captaining Kolkata Knight Riders. His captaincy was not very effective but commendable. He also batted well in the first match of the series between India and South Africa.

Though he missed an important catch but he is an important player of the team. At the same time, an interesting thing related to him is in a lot of headlines and knowing about which you may be a little surprised. Very few people know about it.

If you have seen Shreyas Iyer playing for some time now, then you must have noticed one thing that there is a sticker of “K” mark on his hand. Seeing this, the fans were curious to know what this sticker is of? Does he wear it for any particular reason or something else?

Actually it is a special kind of fitness gadget that gives information about blood glucose etc. in the body. It is quite expensive and has been made by a startup called “Ultrahuman” from Bangalore. This gadget is connected to an app on the iPhone and gives you information related to your health. It also takes care of your daily routine. That’s why Shreyas Iyer uses it keeping his fitness in mind.

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