A new rule came between the World Cup, ICC took a big decision regarding rain in semi-finals and final match


We are witnessing an epic T20 World Cup 2022 as we have already seen many interesting and nail bitters matches so far and every match is a blockbuster in itself.

However, this tournament is affected by rain as many matches are affected by rain and the game size was reduced whereas fee matches were also washed out because of this as well.

Because of this reason, many teams are also confused and also angry because sometimes the DLS method is so confusing and because of this rule, many weird results come out.

The rule for the semi-finals and finals of the T20 World Cup has been changed.

For the group stage matches, a minimum of 5 overs needed to be bowled to have a decision of the match, and only after 5 overs DLS method can be used.

However, For the semifinals and finals, the rules have been changed and now we can only have a result after a minimum of 10 overs being bowled in both innings.

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This rule is getting a positive response from everybody.

Everybody is saying that this rule is good and it should have been implemented before because many believe that only 5 overs are not sufficient to reach a result.

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