“I didn’t cry but I was..” On the occasion of Virat Kohli’s birthday here is a story that will make you emotional.

One of the greatest batsmen of all time, Virat Kohli is celebrating his 34th birthday today and many Indian fans are very excited about his birthday and they are wishing him in many ways.

On the occasion of his birthday, today we share one of the most emotional incidents of his life which left him shocked but he still stood up and performed and made everyone proud.

Virat Kohli lost his father at a very young age:

Virat Kohli was very close to his parents and he almost said this in every interview, unluckily when he was just 18 years old his dad passed away at midnight because of a brain stroke.

He shared this incident that his father was ill and on 19th December at midnight his condition becomes even worse, they went to every doctor nearby but they didn’t open the door and while taking him to the hospital he died.

Virat Kohli was playing Ranji Trophy at that time:

Virat Kohli was playing a Ranji match for Delhi and before the death of his father, he was not out on 40 runs. After the death of his father, he didn’t cry and also went on to play the next day.

He made his father proud as he went to score his most memorable hundred and dedicated this to his father. After playing he came back and did the rites of his father.

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Virat Kohli is a dedicated player:

This shows his dedication and hunger to fulfilling the dream that he and his father saw together. Even now he is so dedicated to everything whether it is fitness or practice or performing for the team.

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