After retirement, Harbhajan Singh made serious allegations against BCCI and Dhoni, says- Dhoni…

Harbhajan Singh

Indian spin bowler Harbhajan Singh recently announced his retirement from international cricket. In his career spanning 23 years, Bhajji led Team India to several spectacular victories. He was also a part of Team India, which became the world champion within the year 2011. However, he couldn’t be returned to the team since 2015. After retiring, now Harbhajan Singh made an enormous disclosure that BCCI officials and Mahendra Singh Dhoni were behind his exit from the team.

Harbhajan Singh was a crucial part of Team India for an extended time. However, after 2011, he kept coming and getting into the team and will not remain a daily part of the team as before. First, he was dropped from the ICC Champions Trophy in 2013 then he wasn’t selected within the 2015 World Cup. Harbhajan Singh was selected for the T20 World Cup in 2016 but he remained sitting on the bench. Harbhajan blamed Dhoni not only on BCCI but also on Dhoni for this behavior with him within the last years of his career.

Harbhajan Singh targets BCCI officials-

Harbhajan Singh said that he couldn’t progress thanks to some people in BCCI. He said, ‘If he had got an opportunity, he could have played 45 more. Luck has always been with me. There were only a couple of external factors, which weren’t in my favor. Can say that they were completely against me. It was due to the way I used to be bowling and moving well. By the time I used to be 31, I had taken 400 wickets. Then I had the thought to play for subsequent 4-5 years in my mind. I can’t say much, counting on my level, I might have taken 100 or 150 more wickets.

MS Dhoni did not support Harbhajan-

He further said, ‘MS Dhoni was the captain then but I think this thing was above Dhoni’s level. To some extent, there have been some BCCI officials who were involved, and that they didn’t want me to possess any support from the captain, but a captain can never be above BCCI. BCCI has always had the whip hand over the captain, coach, or team. Harbhajan said, ‘Dhoni had more support from BCCI than other players and if other players also got equivalent quiet support, they might have played too. It was not that the remainder of the players forgot to perform better or didn’t .’ Bhajji said, ‘Every player wants to retire wearing an India jersey but luck is not always with you and sometimes what you would like isn’t what you would like. .’

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