Watch Video: Big incident happened after match, girl wanted to touch Karthik, but see what DK did

Dinesh Karthik remains very cool onfield and offfield. But, after India’s T20 series win against Australia, something happened after which DK looked upset on the field. An angry video of Dinesh Karthik is now going viral on social media. Dinesh Karthik’s fret can be clearly seen in the video going viral. Dinesh Karthik is seen upset with the behavior of a girl in the video.

DK got furious when the girl trying to touch

Actually it happened that after the end of the match, Dinesh Karthik was moving with the trophy in his hand. During this, a girl was seen trying to get closer to Dinesh Karthik. On watching the video, it is known that the girl Dinesh tries to come close to Karthik but, DK through his elbow tells the girl to stay away.

On which the girl does not hug Dinesh Karthik, but touches him and leaves. Dinesh Karthik does not like this touch by the girl at all and he stares at the girl. Dinesh Karthik looks angrily while fellow player Ashwin holds his hand and takes him away.

The question in the mind of the fans is that who is the girl on whom Dinesh Karthik is raging? If the news is to be believed, then the girl is seen to be associated with the support staff of BCCI and Team India. This is because the girl present on the field was wearing the Indian team jersey just like the Indian players.

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