Big news for fans, Rain will not be a hindrance in IND-PAK match! Know Latest updates on weather from Melbourne

The biggest match of the T20 World Cup 2022 i.e. the clash between India and Pakistan is being closely watched by all the cricket supporters. Melbourne Cricket Ground is ready for a battle of arch-rivals, but in the meantime Australia’s weather has created a situation of confusion.

Due to which the shadow of dark clouds is expected to hover over the India-Pakistan (IND vs PAK) match. But in the meantime a very good news is coming out for the supporters of both the teams. Because Melbourne’s weather has suddenly taken a big turn. After all, what does Melbourne’s weather say on Sunday, we are going to tell you through this article.

Weather has changed in Melbourne

The eyes of the whole world are on the clash between India and Pakistan (IND vs PAK). But the bad mood of Australia’s weather had spoiled the fun of all the fans for some time. According to the first report, according to Australia time, 80 percent rain was expected on 23 October at 7 pm. According to which it was inevitable to rain in any case in the match.

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But due to the continuous change in the weather, now the shadow of rain seems to be moving away from India-Pakistan (IND vs PAK). According to the latest information, there has been a drop of up to 10 percent in the chances of rain on Sunday. Which is obviously a great news for the cricket fans. There is still 2 days left for this important match to happen, if there is a decline in the chances of rain in the same way, then we can all get to see another historic match of cricket.

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