‘Ever since our breakup…’, Bollywood actress made a big claim about Irfan Pathan, Gambhir used to send serious messages

Irfan Pathan

Bollywood actress Payal Ghosh has once again become a topic of discussion among cricket fans. Payal has created a sensation on social media by posting several posts one after the other. She has claimed that she was in a relationship with Irfan Pathan for five years.

Payal Ghosh Sensational Claims: missed calls from Gautam Gambhir When I Dated Irfan Pathan For 5 Years - Stackumbrella.com

After this Irfan married another girl. However, she has always loved Irfan. He also said that Irfan Pathan should break his silence on this matter and come forward to help them. Payal had proposed marriage to Shami a few days ago, but now she calls it a joke. She also said that she is ready for a ‘normal life’, but her true love will be only Irfan.

Payal Ghosh Wants to Be Mohammed Shami's Second Wife But On THIS Condition: 'Ready to Marry But...' - News18

Payal made several posts on various social media platforms and talked about her relationship with Irfan. While sharing a picture with Irfan, she wrote, ‘After our breakup… I fell ill… I couldn’t work for years… But this was the only boy I loved… after that. I have never seen him. Nobody loved.’

Gautam Gambhir Gave Missed Calls When I Dated Irfan Pathan For 5 Years', Payal Ghosh Makes Shocking Claims

Further in the post, he wrote, “Gautam Gambhir used to miscall me often, Irfan knew this very well, he used to check all my calls… He also told this to Yusuf Bhai, Hardik, and Krunal Pandya in front of me. ”When I went to meet Irfan in Pune… it was a home match of Baroda. Responding to a troll, Payal wrote, “Irfan was my boyfriend earlier… we were dating since 2011 and he got married in 2016…” So stop your nonsense”

Payal Ghosh Sensational Claims: missed calls from Gautam Gambhir When I Dated Irfan Pathan For 5 Years - Stackumbrella.com

About celebrities like Akshay Kumar and Gautam Gambhir, she wrote, “Gautam Gambhir, Akshay Kumar were all after me, but I loved only Irfan Pathan, I could not see anyone except him and I gave everything to Irfan. Had told. I used to speak also. I used to miscalculate everyone… I loved only Irfan, not anyone else…!!!”

Actress Payal Ghosh proposes Mohammed Shami to be his Second Wife

In the tweet made about her marriage with Mohammed Shami, Payal wrote, ‘Hey brother, I tweeted jokingly… No Shami should not marry me, I will marry a commoner, but someone loyal… And listen to what Irfan Pathan has also said… dated for five years… then it all ended… I will not trust anyone so easily… ok..!!’ Finally, tagging Irfan Pathan, she wrote, “Hey @IrfanPathan, how long will you keep the curd in your mouth…sometimes it comes in handy?” Now Payal is being trolled a lot on social media. Users are saying. She is making such tweets to stay in the headlines.

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