Did India lose the match against South Africa intentionally, Pakistan allegations on india

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India’s unbeaten run was stopped by South Africa on the 30th of October where in a close match they registered a win over table-toppers India by 5 wickets. South Africa moves to the top of the table after this win.

However, after this win, many Pakistani fans put fake allegations that the Indian team lost this match intentionally as after losing this match Pakistan’s chances of qualifying for the semis has been reduced.

All these things are being discussed by some Pakistan fans as they are pointing out that India’s fielders were sloppy on the ground during that match and dropped some easy catches and run-out chances intentionally.

Pakistan fans’ allegations on India are fake and baseless.

The allegations being put on the Indian side are all fake because team India will never lose a match for a purpose like that and all the players give their best for the team.

This match was also very crucial for team India if they had won this match their qualification for the semifinals was almost confirmed. Although after this defeat they are also under pressure.

Now to qualify for the semifinals team India needs to win both of their remaining games against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe so that they will easily qualify. If they lose any of these matches then they will be also in danger.

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Pakistan’s chances of qualifying for the semis:

Even now Pakistan has the chance of qualifying for the semifinals. They need to win their remaining 2 games and then hope that India loses to Bangladesh then these 3 teams will be on the same points and the net run rate will come into effect.

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