‘Earlier Dhoni now Virat Kohli, stop worshiping the star’, See what Gautam Gambhir said on Dhoni Kohli

Former Team India cricketer Gautam Gambhir told how Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s brilliant spell was hidden in the shadow of Virat Kohli’s century during the match played against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup. Gautam Gambhir has urged that the country should stop worshiping one hero instead of focusing on the entire team. Gautam Gambhir said, ‘No one could move forward in such an environment, first there was MS Dhoni, now there is Virat Kohli.’

During a conversation with The Indian Express, Gambhir said, “When Kohli scored 100, a young boy from a small town in Meerut (Bhuvneshwar Kumar) who managed to take five wickets, nobody bothered to talk about him.” Picked up It was very unfortunate. At that time I was the only one during the commentary who talked about Bhuvneshwar Kumar. He bowled 4 overs and took 5 wickets. I don’t think anyone even knows about it.’

Gautam Gambhir further said, ‘But Virat Kohli did 100 and there was celebration everywhere in the country. India needs to come out of the culture of worshiping a single hero. Be it Indian cricket, whether it is politics, whether it is Delhi cricket. We have to stop worshiping Heroes. The only thing we need to worship is Indian cricket or Delhi or India.

Let us tell you that in the Super-4 match of the Asia Cup 2022, Virat Kohli scored the 71st century of his international career. Virat Kohli scored an unbeaten 122 runs. At the same time, Team India’s fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar also shone in this match, who took 5 wickets in his 4 over spell. Taking 5 wickets in T20 cricket is nothing less than a miracle.

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