Watch: Gautam Gambhir’s Middle Finger Gesture Towards Fans Chanting Virat Kohli’s Name Goes Viral

During the Asia Cup match being played between India and Nepal, such a sight was seen which hardly any cricket fan would have ever thought about. Gautam Gambhir who is often known for his short temper came into the limelight in this match as well. Gambhir is a part of the Asia Cup commentary team and he was commentating in this match as well, but when he was going out of the stadium after commentating, some fans started chanting Kohli-Kohli, on which Gambhir got angry. Showed the middle finger to the fans present in the stadium.

The Asia Cup 2023 Incident

The video of this indecent gesture of Gambhir became fiercely viral on social media and the fans started reprimanding Gambhir fiercely. However, as soon as this video went viral, Gautam Gambhir also came forward and put the reason behind his indecent gesture in front of everyone. Gambhir made it clear that he made this gesture because of some Pakistani fans.

Gambhir said, ‘First of all, nothing is true in what is shown on social media because people show what they want to show on their behalf. The truth of whatever video has gone viral is that slogans against India were being raised there. There were some Pakistani fans who were raising slogans of Anti India and Hindustan Murdabad. They were also talking about Kashmir, so I had to react in some way or the other. I am not one of those who would laugh and walk away. This reaction of mine was natural. I cannot hear anything against my country.

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Speaking further, Gambhir said, ‘I want to say that when you come to watch the sport, support your team. There is no need to do anything related to politics there. There is no need to raise the issue of Kashmir there. There were also people from India there and they were supporting their team. If you support your team comfortably then what is wrong with it. Don’t believe what is shown on social media. Things are shown there of their own free will.

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