Watch: India-Sri Lanka Fans Engage in Ugly Fight After Match Between Two Teams in Asia Cup 2023

Cricket fans sometimes are unable to digest their team’s defeat and do something that harms the image of their team and the country. Something similar happened during the India-Srilanka match. Let us tell you that after the victory of Team India in the Asia Cup Super-4 round, some Srilankan fans became so angry that they beat up the Indian fans sitting in the stadium. A video is going viral on social media in which a Srilankan fan first abuses an Indian fan and then slaps and punches him. Other fans sitting in the stadium in Colombo try to stop the accused youth but he continues to fight.

Now the question is why are the Srilankan fans so enraged? In fact, at one time in the match held on Tuesday, the Srilankan team seemed to be winning but the Indian bowlers turned the entire match upside down.

Team India, which scored 213 runs, restricted the Srilankan team to just 172 runs and Rohit and Company reached the finals with a victory of 41 runs. Some fans of Sri Lanka could not digest the team’s defeat and started such violent acts.

India reached the final with pride

Let us tell you that the Indian cricket team has reached the final of the Asia Cup. Team India defeated Pakistan by 228 runs in the Super-4 round. After this, after defeating Sri Lanka, it reached the finals. Now Team India has one more league match left and it has to face Bangladesh on Friday. The final match will be held on Sunday.

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Who will play the final?

The question is, which team will face Team India in the final? It will be decided by the match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan on 14 September. This match has become a virtual semi-final. Both the teams have 2-2 points and the team that wins will make it to the finals. Let us tell you that India-Pakistan final match has never happened in the history of Asia Cup and it can happen this season provided Babar and company play good cricket.

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