Rishabh Pant savior gave a statement on what happened actually after the accident


On the morning of 30th December, news came that shocked everybody: Rishabh Pant’s car met with a heavy accident on the Delhi-Dehradun highway at 5:00 AM approx. The accident was so deadly, it can be identified by the images. His car has been burnt and the impact was huge.

Rishabh Pant was going back to his house to surprise his mother as he is on a break from cricket because he is not selected for the series against Srilanka. He wanted to celebrate the new year with his family but on the way he blinked and in between that his car crashed with the divider on the road.

The savior of Rishabh Pant gave a statement:

A driver of the Haryana roadways Sushil Kumar was the first to help Pant. He was coming back from Haridwar when he saw that a car has been crashed with the divider on Delhi road and then the car came into Haridwar road. He stopped his bus before 50-60 meters.

He gave Aaj Tak a statement where he said he stopped his vehicle and went near that car. At first, he saw that the car has some spark. He took Pant away from the car and then lay down him in a safe place and wrapped him with a cloth.

His conductor then called the Ambulance which arrived in 15-20 minutes and took Pant to the hospital. He also informed the Police and the Highway authority. He also said that Pant was telling him that he is cricketer Rishabh Pant but he doesn’t follow cricket that much.

Rishabh Pant is now out of danger:

However, after getting treatment the news has come that he is now out of danger and stable. He has a lot of injuries but now his life is not in danger. Whereas, all the fans and cricketers are saying thanks to Sushil Kumar who saved Pant’s life.

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