Watch: “Gaadi araam se chalaya kar” Shikhar Dhawan’s advice to Rishabh Pant during IPL goes viral

Rishabh Pant Shikhar Dhawan

Rishabh Pant faced a car accident in Saturday morning on the Delhi-Dehradun highway, it was a very deadly accident where the visuals are very much scary where his car got fire as well while Pant was luckily able to escape from that burning car.

This incident happened in the morning when according to reports he blinked and till then his car crashed with the divider on the road and then his car got fire. He was rushed to the nearest hospital and till then he was unconscious, the locals helped him a lot in saving his life.

Rishabh Pant is now stable :

However, after a few hours of medication and treatment, Rishabh Pant is now stable and this was confirmed by the police and the BCCI as well. He has faced a lot of injuries which have been confirmed by BCCI where he had cuts on his forehead, his waist is damaged as well he also has injuries on his ankle, feet and back.

All the fans and cricketers who wished for his recovery as all the cricketers went down to social media to share their condolences. Even Prime Minster wished for recovery while his family members are always with him. According to reports, he was going back to his home to surprise his mother on the eve of New year.

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An old video of him is getting viral:

After the accident, a video is getting viral on the internet, which is of IPL which was shooted way back in when he was doing a shooting with Shikhar Dhawan. In this video, it is visible that Rishabh Pant asked Shikhar Dhawan what advice he will give to him.

Replying to this, he said that he would like to give one piece of advice that he should drive slow and Pant laughed. He then said that he will take this advice seriously and will drive slowly. However, now fans are saying this if Pant had taken that advice then he didn’t have had that accident.

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