Watch: The moment Pant escaped his burning car, video of Pant who bled after the accident surfaced

Rishabh Pant accident

Indian team’s star wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant has met with a horrific car accident. In the morning he left Delhi for his hometown Roorkee. It is being told that Rishabh’s car was in high speed, it was morning weather, there was mist and fog too. According to PTI, Rishabh had dozed off while driving and that is why his car hit the divider.

Rishabh was going from Delhi to Roorkee in his Mercedes car. At 5 in the morning when he was on the National Highway. There, he had a nap and lost control of the car, due to which the car hit the divider. The car caught fire in no time. Rishabh somehow pulled himself out of the burning car.

Rishabh Pant is seen bleeding in the video of the accident

After this road accident, many videos of Rishabh Pant are going viral on social media. In a recent viral video, Pant is seen standing beside the road. He is seen bleeding in the video. Blood was oozing from the forehead of Pant, who was covered with a blanket.

Meanwhile, some fans come to make their video, due to which Rishabh is seen getting angry with them and asking them to go away. Rishabh’s condition is looking very pathetic in the video, even in such a situation people are making his video. This video is a living example of how people are becoming emotionless in this era of social media.

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Rishabh plan to surprise his mother

Let us tell you that at present Rishabh Pant is out of danger. Pant told that he had made a plan to surprise his mother. But unfortunately this could not happen as he had to go to the hospital even before reaching home. It is the result of the prayers of crores of cricket fans that he is safe.

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