When and how was Rishabh Pant’s car met with an accident? The Mercedes was completely burnt

Rishabh Pant accident

A big breaking news came in the morning where Rishabh Pant has been hospitalized as he met with a serious car accident on the Delhi-Dehradun highway. He faced a lot of injuries and was rushed to the hospital immediately.

He was going to Roorkee alone by driving his BMW car and this accident took place near the Mohammadpur Jhal turn the car was on fire as well but he was able to escape. The images are horrifying which can terrify anybody.

How is Rishabh Pant condition:

According to reports he was admitted to the nearest hospital where it was found that he had injuries on his back, feet, and head but he is out of danger now. He is now shifted to the Max Hospital of Delhi and he will be looked after by them.

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DGP has given updates on this:

The DGP has given an interview in which he said that Rishabh Pant was alone in the car and he hit the divider on the road and then he came out of the car by breaking the windscreen. He has not had such deep injuries but there is a possibility of a fracture in one of his feet.

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