“Why didn’t he come in to bat earlier?” Sunil Gavaskar was not happy from this decision of Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma tried his best in the second match to win the match for the Indian team out of now where but he wasn’t able to finish the match as he just missed the match by 5 runs and a little push would have helped India to win the match.

He came out to bat with an injured thumb as he got that injury while fielding at the slips but showing brilliant courage he came to bat at number 9 when the team needed him the most as the match went out of their hand at that time.

However, his inning was late because even after scoring a brilliant fifty and making 51 runs in just 28 balls team was not able to win the match. Many believe that he should have come out to bat early if he had the wish to bat.

Sunil Gavaskar has criticized Rohit Sharma to came late to bat

After the match commentator and expert, Sunil Gavaskar has given a statement in which he raised questions about Rohit Sharma he said that the captain should have come early to bat if he had decided to bat and that would have helped India to win the match.

His statement was ” The quality and level of this player (Rohit) is known to all. And now that India has come so close why didn’t they come out to bat first? He should have come to bat at number 7 instead of at number nine.”

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Rohit Sharma is now ruled out from the ODI series

After the match news came out that Rohit Sharma has been ruled out from the third ODI and he is doubtful for the test series as well. KL Rahul is likely to be the captain for the side in the final ODI and the captain in the test cricket as well.

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