Watch: Got the guy who makes girls viral, Irfan Pathan shared a video of the cameraman who viral everyone during match

Cricket is a very popular sport and there are a lot of fans who just love this sport and can do anything to cove this sport. Now fan just loves this sport and it is going worldwide with the amount of love it is getting.

Recently we have seen many girls and people getting viral after the match as they attract the cameraman attraction and after that, they get viral all over the internet and trend among all the fans.

Irfan Pathan showed the camera man who viral everyone:

Irfan Pathan after the final uploaded a video on his social media in which he showed a cameraman and said that this is the person who virals everyone and the cameraman replied that ignore what Irfan is saying and it’s nothing like Irfan is saying.

After Irfan uploaded this video it also got vital and everyone was talking about that cameraman and saying that he is the one who virals everyone during the live match and many are praising him.

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England crowned as the champion of the T20 World Cup 2022:

England defeated Pakistan in the final of the T20 World Cup 2022 by 5 wickets and won their 2nd T20 World Cup. After this England becomes the first side to win ODI World Cup and T20 World Cup at the same time.

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