Video: Robbed! Jonny Bairstow survived because of DRS, Kohli and RCB’s fans were furious at the third umpire

Controversial DRS review: In the 60th match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Punjab Kings, RCB fans are saddened by a third umpire’s decision. The controversial DRS incident occurred on the first ball of the sixth over of the first innings of PBKS batting. The verdict was given in favour of Jonny Bairstow but in the midst of all this, all the headlines were taken by the third umpire.


Batsman Jonny Bairstow had completely missed playing the ball coming inside from Mohammad Siraj. The ball hit his pads, the fielders made a strong appeal against the batsman but, the onfield umpire rejected the appeal. RCB captain Faf du Plessis decided to take a review.

Controversial DRS review

At first glance, it seemed that the ball had not hit the bat, due to which Virat Kohli was also seen being unhappy with the onfield umpire’s decision. However, when the matter went to the third umpire, he found in the review that there was some movement before hitting the pad.

The third umpire felt that the ball had taken the outer edge of the bat before hitting the pad, due to which he declared the batsman not out. However, after this decision, the fans of RCB were furious, they believe that Jonny Bairstow was clearly out LBW and the ball hit the ground, not the bat.

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